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Just relax.

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I created this community entirely to have a space free of the endless Otakukin vs Otherkin debate. Likewise this space was created to be free of all trolls, all bashing of one another and all rodent sage type individuals as well.

There seems to be an abundance of places online for people identifying as otherkin to bash each other, bash each other's vast eccentricities and generally waste space and typing time snarking at skeptics, each other, etc etc. I decided to try for something a little bit different.

We don't have to hold hands and sing songs about perfect love and perfect trust whilst frolicking among lollipops and rainbows but we probably do need to be doing better than we have been.

Please be advised that all entries to this community will be friends locked. Folks who have a serious bug up their ass about the whole otherkin thing will have to go elsewhere to get their jollies.

People who wish to debate who's a "real" otherkin will likewise have to go elsewhere.

Please note, this community was not created as an intended slight or act of disrespect towards lothie or anyone else (with the exception of the trolls) in the otherkin community.

However, I do think that lothie has gone off the deep end demanding she be given access to friends locked entries on personal journals and questionnaires be filled out before granting blessed entry to her otherkin community. Um..no. I don't think so. Invasive much?

I just wanted a break from the drama and saw that a lot of other people did as well. This is not a stomping ground for an internet clique. Anyone with no history of trolling who is capable of behaving themselves in this forum are welcome.

I don't care if this community never gets terribly large either, I'm only interested in establishing a comparatively calm and reasonable space for people who identify as otherkin to talk about anything they want to without having to worry about snarkage, drama and similar wank.

Finally, I don't care if you are an otakukin, an otherkin or a complete and utter mental patient (or both or all three) as long as you can muster the minimum respect and tact I require of reasonable beings to interact.

Welcome. :)

*Please also note:

*If you have attempted to join this community and been declined it's most likely due to one of the following reasons;

1. You have a journal with no visible entries, nothing in your user info, a brand new journal with no friends or a cleverly named journal such as "Ih8stupidotherkinrsuxxor."

2. You have a history of snarky, asshat behavior.

3. You are friended to every sort of ljdrama, super snarko, something awful, insecure people nervously assuring each other that they are cool via adolescent braying type community lj has to offer.

4. There has been some misunderstanding.

If the reason which applies to you is #4 the best way to handle it is probably not a lot of bitch ass snarking behavior. Of course, if you really need me to tell you that then the reason you've been declined is probably not #4.

A more effective way to handle it would be to write an email to leswamp at livejournal dot com and let me know there's been a #4. Please put otherkinlounge in the header of the email or I won't open it. Thanks!